About Us

About Us

Guardian1 was founded by a scientist, inventor and entrepreneur with a passion for the well-being of others. Prior to creating his own products and company, he spent 10 years leading the development of major life-saving solutions for an international Fortune 500 company. Now, his business is safety.

To him, his most important role is being a Dad. At the time of the Sandy Hook tragedy, his daughter and son were in elementary school. His son is non-verbal autistic and this tragedy hit particularly close to his heart.

Deeply saddened by the continued loss of innocent life in schools, astonished by easy access to assault rifles, and frustrated by the inaction of politicians to pass stricter gun laws, he struggled to make sense of how this level of violence had become the new normal. He decided to do something about it.

With a school backpack in mind, he directed his energy towards researching bulletproof technology and products. He learned that everything currently available to consumers is rated by the National Institute for Justice Level IIIA, the standard for handguns.

He explored the next level NIJ III (the standard for rifles) and found backpacks for military personnel and law enforcement, but not for kids. He wanted something discreetly modern with lots of pockets, hidden pockets for valuables and padded areas for tablets and laptops. He wanted something unique with cool tech options like RFid and RFid blocking, a phone charging port, headphone jack. Most of all he wanted a discreet multi-functional, life-preserver for kids to stay safe.

Today, his ideas go beyond school backpacks. Introducing G1 backpacks for you, me, our families and our friends designed to meet the NIJ Level III standard for rifles. G1 backpacks are certified ballistic resistance tested to stop 7.62mm Full Metal Jacket, lead-core rifle ammunition.

Invest in a G1 backpack and give your loved ones the best chance of surviving an active shooter situation.