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Pack Everything You Need Including Peace Of Mind.

The G1 Professional Bulletproof Backpack

The G1 Professional Bulletproof Backpack is sophisticated and modern. It’s multi-functional, high-tech design offers complete organization and discreet protection.

Guardian1 and the G1 line of backpacks are the only NIJ III Rifle-Certified bags for students, business people & travelers. Our minimalist, discreet, light-weight designs feature multiple-zippered, hidden storage sections with a completely separate padded laptop area, internal/external USB port and anti-theft features. Our ergonomic bags are crafted from waterproof breathable fabric with extra shoulder and back padding. Ideal protection for school and work.

Like most Americans, we’re stunned and frustrated by our nation’s gun violence crisis. What can you do if an active shooter enters your school or workplace carrying a loaded assault rifle? How do we continue in the face of these unimaginable acts of violence?

At Guardian1, we’re creating solutions for students, business people and travelers—ways to keep ourselves, our children and our families safe, ways to continue doing the things we love. 

Guardian 1 offers you, your kids, your colleagues a chance at survival. We offer a shield and a fighting chance.

As a busy professional, you rely on your bag to carry what’s most important to you for work and travel. What if your backpack could also make you feel more secure in a high risk situation or even save your life?

We’ve created the G1 Professional Bulletproof Backpack with all of the functionality and style you’ve come to expect from your backpack and we’ve added cutting edge materials for maximum protection. Designed with a lightweight, low-profile panel rated NIJ IIIA certification level for handguns and NIJ III certification level for Rifle Ballistics, the G1 Professional was developed with your safety in mind.

This sleek bag is made with water-resistant breathable fabric. The adjustable, ergonomically designed straps ensure comfort for extended wear or easily tuck away to carry your bag like a briefcase or suitcase. Top, side and inside lower-back panel exterior pockets keep valuables safe and easily accessible. Nine inside pockets organize smaller items. A separate latched compartment with double-sided padding accommodates a 17” laptop or tablet.

A center band fits right over the handle of your wheeled suitcase. This TSA-friendly, G1 Professional Backpack completely unzips to lay flat.

An external USB port connects to an inside device charger (sold separately).

Have fun. Be Safe. Life is Precious.